Baby Nasal Aspirator Nose Cleaner
Baby Nasal Aspirator Nose Cleaner
Baby Nasal Aspirator Nose Cleaner
Baby Nasal Aspirator Nose Cleaner
Baby Nasal Aspirator Nose Cleaner

Baby Nasal Aspirator Nose Cleaner

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Nasal Aspirator is a smart, safe, and effective solution for helping your congested baby sleep comfortably through the night.

  • Nasal Aspirator took streamline design, which let holder use more comfortable. What's more, it’s no need battery. it can be re-charge by USB charger when the power is low. It reduced the battery changing problem. Besides, the portable size is also easy for parents to carry and use, let them take care baby anytime anywhere.Easily suck out from nose in time.Let baby breathe smoothly.
  • Nasal Aspirator offer two differently size exchangeable nozzles, made of soft BPA free silicone, so it will always fit in your baby's nose comfortably, it will not harming your baby’s nasal cavity when using. We have zero tolerance for any harm to toddlers/babies.


Two tips

Soft & Safety Silicone Tips

  • Kids Size:Tips can insert deeply into nose,Fits over 2 years old kids.
  • Baby Size:Prevent unnecessary damage to your baby by avoiding deep insertion since they might struggle.Fits neonatal.

Five Power levels

One Button Control Five Power Levels

You could operate Ravifun Nasal Aspirator with one hand by your click times.Easy and convenient for meeting different needs.Clean baby's block nose quickly and peacefully.Respiration could proceed at the same time.


USB Cable Charging, Easy to Use

Smart Charging Design,with USB cable,easy to charge and durable to use.No need battery,Low carbon environmental protection.


Detachable for Easy Cleaning

The aspirator body and storage tank can be split up and convenient for cleaning.The storage tank accessories can be cleaned easily.But the aspirator body can not be washed in water.

How to Use:

  1. Before use, soak the suction nozzle and reservoir tank in warm salt water for 10 minutes to disinfect.
  2. Choose an appropriate nose tip. After assembly, turn on the power button and choose a comfortable strength, then you can use.
  3. Before using in baby’s nose, it’s better to use it on your arm to get familiar with the mode and settings, and feel the strength of suction, so as not to scare your baby or hurt your baby.
  4. For the safety of your baby’s nose and health, please clean and disinfect it promptly after using.